Normal is different

On 29.9. JURAYA will release their third album “After All” at the Mühle Hunziken. The title “after all”: Juraya consciously leaves behind the laborious 2 last years and celebrates the joy of life, lives the moment. After all is a rock-pop album, created without a single note written down by the band. The album was created by Juraya himself. For 2 weeks Juraya jammed at any time of the day or night, secluded on a hill in the French Jura. The result, with the polish of producer Marcel Jeker, is a carefully crafted rock-pop album. The Juraya musicians all come from somewhere in the Mitelland from Neuchâtel to Interlaken. They have one important thing in common: the unintentional urge to rock out powerfully and melodiously, to infect their audience to dance with their eyes closed, to give them good vibes to take home with them, to become absorbed in the joy of playing themselves. The mystery of the connection of the 5 musicians, who could not be more different in personality, touches even them. The thought of it gives them chicken skin. Normal is different.

The melody artists

Pesche Urfer, lead vocals: Privately he teaches integration students at 1272MüM. On stage he is an animal at any sea level. Backstage he acts as a sensitive integrator. He goes off in the flow of a piece in front of thousands of spectators in the same way as he does with his fellow musicians in front of the black acoustic curtain in the practice room. All or nothing. Full throttle or standstill. Rapping: no. Wrong notes? He doesn’t know. Pesche is a crystal clear singer, a crystalline stage performer from the BEO with feeling.

GianCarlos Monn, guitar: Privately an accomplished tinkerer at the lathe as well as at the tube amp. As a former Vionolist and gifted string talent, it may come as no surprise that Carlos has declared the creation of subcutaneous guitar sounds to be his unmistakable craft. High are his demands on his sound and on his own skill of smooth finger technique . The result is an unrecognizable joy. Once you’ve heard him live, you can’t get rid of him. Gripping, powerful, yet unrestricted senisbel, always in the flow….an unmistakable pleasure!

Stefan Bregy, piano, synthy: The Juraya young star with Berlin music roots and the unmistakable Valais dialect gives outside the band thousands of students during their lessons the hand of digital music creation: His mobile recording studio. A proud “hobby to profession maker entrepreneur”.  Steffi, our full professional without notes (yes that exists!). Whether 80s electrosynthy-fan or supersonic-speed concert grand piano strider: he is our tireless composer with sheer endless joy of playing (what time is it actually…)?

The rhythm artists

Billy Boy, Jürg Bill. The Juraya bassist and SME business owner remains true to his name. Bill sets it up. He runs his own company and produces payment machines for public transport, farms and Bolivian streetcars (bright!). However, the musical motto in the band is “pay it in yourself”: continuously and incessantly he gives ground, focused on the essential, waltzes the bass almost non-stop at the pusher. Solid and determined he gives the colleagues free soloists their space. He’s the manager.

Adrian Forrer, Adi, Drums&Backvocals: “From the third bar I left the local continent”. Adi describes drumming with the band like experiencing a wonderful journey. And as a father of 3, geologist, business manager and travel fan, he has been on many such journeys.  So sometimes lyrics from the colorful life, and find their way into the music. “Playing the drums, which indispensably couples physical as well as mental work, has an effect on me like a beneficial and harmless drug in the interplay with the sounds of the band colleagues.” It’s indescribable fun to drum and sing like that.

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